International costumes for girls are a great option for Halloween trick-or-treating, dance recitals, or fun pretend dress up. A cultural costume for girls is also a great option if your school is hosting a multicultural night. Every country has its own unique traditions and customs, so you can find all sorts of outfits for your little world traveler. Whether you want a classic traditional costume or a fashionable modern costume from one of the world's fashion capitals, we have plenty of options to make your daughter's Halloween special.

Visit countries like Spain, Japan, Russia, Germany and Switzerland through beautiful traditional costumes from these cultures. Accessorize with props that fit your nation's theme. Lace fans, costume jewelry, wigs, and leggings make great accessories for most girls costumes. More specific props can really bring your outfit to life, so find accessories that really fit. Get your friends in on the fun with international costumes from other countries. Each friend can dress in a country costume from a different culture so you can each have an individual outfit. Once you are done using your Halloween costume, you can use it for playtime. Add an international outfit from each country to add to your pretend wardrobe. Find the right outfit for your Halloween party or cultural event among these fabulous girls cultural costumes.