Sometimes sassy or scary costumes are not the best Halloween costume options for girls. If your little joker needs a humorous costume to fit her winning personality, you are sure to find the perfect outfit among our selection. These funny costumes feature characters from fun videogames, Internet videos, cartoons, and classic costume themes. If you do not want a trendy costume that will only last for a brief time, try one of our funny mascot costumes for kids.

Choose from a selection of fruit and vegetables costumes, animal costumes, and Angry Birds suits. You can also go the more traditional route with a sassy clown costume. A clown suit is a great opportunity for your child to show off her humor with her outfit. Prop comedy is a tried and true avenue of humor. Accessorize your humor costume with fun props and items like cartoon gloves, wigs, black tights to wear under your costume, makeup kits and face paint. for a clown costume you might even try incorporating joke items like seltzer bottle, silk scarves, or water squirt flowers into your ensemble. A funny Halloween costume doesn't have to go to waste after the holiday. Add your humorous costume to your dress-up wardrobe to use when your child plays pretend. Have a little extra fun this Halloween when you buy your child a funny outfit.