Ancient Greece and Rome are great inspirations for a girl costume. Our selection of Greek costumes features Greek goddesses and flowing togas. Greece and Rome have wonderful myths full of goddesses, monsters, and princesses that your girl will love. Our girl togas are tinted with cute accent colors to give your outfit a splash of interest. Accessorize for a Roman costume with fun props like gold jewelry, spears, shields, scarves, crowns, or gladiator sandals. For hair and makeup, go for a bouncy look.

Greek/Roman - Cleopatra Child Costume

Cleopatra Child Costume

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Greek/Roman - Teen Glitzy Goddess Costume

Teen Glitzy Goddess Costume

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Greek/Roman - Girls Greek Goddess Costume

Girls Greek Goddess Costume

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Greek/Roman - Girls Athena Costume

Girls Athena Costume

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Greek/Roman - Cleopatra Child

Cleopatra Child

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Your little Grecian princess will look great with fun hair clip-ons, glitter, and a touch of color from our princess makeup kit. If you want to create a Roman princess costume, add accessories like a gold crown or scepter. If you want to dress up in a girl's costume with your friends, create a group outfit from different styles. Have each of your friends wear a different color sash to add individuality to your Roman costumes. Once you have worn your outfit as a Halloween costume, add your cute toga to your dress up closet. Playing pretend with a Greek princess costume is a great way for your daughter to use her imagination and learn about Greek mythology.