You don't need a pinch of pixie dust to get the perfect fairy costume for your girl. Our selection of fairy outfits features a wide range of dresses, wings, and accessories. These pixie dresses are great for Halloween parties and fantasy theme events.

A sprite can be sassy or elegant, so decide which style fits your girl. A sweet fairy dress usually comes in bright colors. If you want something more regal for your little pixie, create a fairy princess costume with the addition of the right accessories. Add fairy props like a magic wand, butterfly wings, and crowns. You can also accessorize with fingerless gloves, skull jewelry and other grungy props to create a punk fairy outfit.

To make your own girly fairy costume, start with leotards, then choose fancy fairy wings, headbands, and wands. There are as many kinds of fairies as you have great friends, so get them involved with your outfit! Have each of her friends dress up as a fluttery fairy dress that matches their favorite color. After you wear your pixie outfit for Halloween, add it to your dress-up wardrobe to use for your pretend play time.

Make all your girl's wishes come true with a fairy Halloween costume for girls.