Get a little exotic at your next Halloween party or trick-or-treating adventure with our selection of Egyptian and Arabian costumes for girls. These fun Egyptian dresses feature styles for girls such as Cleopatra and Egyptian princesses so get your daughter dressed in an outfit fit for the queen of the Nile. They feature details such as gold snake armband, elaborate collars and white tunics. For an added touch, a Cleopatra wig, golden sandals and a royal scepter will be awesome.

Egyptian/Arabian - Cleopatra Child Costume

Cleopatra Child Costume

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Egyptian/Arabian - Princess Cleo Deluxe Kids Costume

Princess Cleo Deluxe Kids Costume

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Egyptian/Arabian - Cleopatra Child

Cleopatra Child

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Egyptian/Arabian - Girls Cleo Cutie Costume

Girls Cleo Cutie Costume

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Egyptian/Arabian - Dream Genie Kids Costume

Dream Genie Kids Costume

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Back in the time of King Tut and even the Knights of Arabia, royal families adorned their children in gold jewels and gorgeous fabrics. For Halloween, you should do the same without spending a fotune. Our girls costumes for this genre look great but they are really affordable. The quality is good and the look will have her wanting to wear it long after Halloween. Arabian and Egyptian styles are a fun alternative to the ordinary princess outfit. Other fun themes that are included in this genre are genies, gypsys and fortune tellers. Take your pick from many amazing costumes.

No matter what style your child loves, she is sure to find a perfect Egyptian or Arabian costume here.