Your little girl has a big personality. Let her strut here stuff for Halloween with one of our diva costumes. Girls Divas costumes feature pop stars and famous music artists. If your little girl has a favorite rock star, find a girl's costume to fit the character. We carry tons of pop star costumes including Katy Perry and Hannah Montana. For a more generic diva outfit, try an 80s costume or 50s costume. Make your outfit extra special with fun accessories.

A diva costume can use accessories like feather boas, microphones, scarves, and fingerless gloves. pop divas have the best hair and makeup. Treat your little music star to glitzy makeup like bright eye shadow, glitter, hair clip-ons, and fake eyelashes. Go the whole nine yards with over the top nail polish. if you want to dress up with friends for a group costume, create your very own girl band with rock and roll costumes! We carry plenty of styles, so every girl costume is sure to be unique. These music costumes make a great addition to dress up and pretend wardrobes, so your little diva can use her costume again and again. Pick out your favorite girl's costume and let your daughter light up the stage.