Your girl is usually the perfect little angel, but this Halloween dress her up in a devil costume and let her unleash her naughty side! Our girls devils costumes feature red and black skirts, bat wings, and sassy accessories. Demons and devils are all over pop culture and are known for being a bit mischievous. Unlike the traditional view of devils, modern demon costumes are cute and mysterious. Accessorize your devil girl costume with fun props like pitchforks, red hair clips, wings, and horn headbands.

Devils - Girls Devilina Costume

Girls Devilina Costume

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Devils - Girls Devil Darling Costume

Girls Devil Darling Costume

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Devils - Tween Delinquent Devil Costume

Tween Delinquent Devil Costume

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Devils - Devil Grrrl Child Costume

Devil Grrrl Child Costume

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Devils - Darling Devil Kids Costume

Darling Devil Kids Costume

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You can change your look with the right accessories. For a punk rock look, add a plaid tie, knee socks, and fingerless gloves to your outfit. For a more sophisticated look, add a briefcase or a scroll to play with the idea of a "contract with the devil." If you want to get your child's friends involved with a group costume, simply dress in matching devil outfits. We carry plenty of styles, so each girl can have her own unique look. A devil outfit is a great Halloween costume, but after the holiday is over use your demon dress as part of your pretend dress-up wardrobe. If you'd rather have tricks than treats, a devil costume might be just the right outfit to buy your girl this Halloween.