Hoot and holler for these adorable cowgirl costumes for girls. The Old West was a time for tumbleweeds, lone rangers, sheriffs and saloons. You can draw inspiration from Wild West shows like The Lone Ranger or Toy Story.

Cowgirls - Girls Gun Slinger Cowgirl Costume

Girls Gun Slinger Cowgirl Costume

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Cowgirls - Cowgirl Kids Costume

Cowgirl Kids Costume

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Cowgirls - Western Diva Child

Western Diva Child

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Cowgirls - Girls Cowgirl Sweetie Costume

Girls Cowgirl Sweetie Costume

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Cowgirls - Girl's Rodeo Star Costume

Girl's Rodeo Star Costume

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Cowgirls - Brown Horsey Child Costume

Brown Horsey Child Costume

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Our selection of western outfits features cowhide vests, leather boots, and cowboy hats. Lasso up a great get-up for a Halloween party or a night out trick-or-treating. Cowpokes need lots of tools to get the job done. Accessorize your cowgirl dress or chaps with fun props like a lasso, spurs, boots, hats, toy weapons and sheriff's badges. For an even better level of detail, add a wig, makeup kit or a holster to your outfit. Rustle up some friends for a group of girls who want to lasso up som fun by wearing matching outfits. You can also match a cow girl outfits like other western costumes like horses or saloon girls. You can accessorize these with extra props to create an individual look. After you wear your cowgirl items for Halloween you will love to make them part of your childs toy chest.

Your child will get a kick out of playing pretend in her new girl's cowgirl dress. She'll two-step and rodeo her way to a great Halloween.