Sometimes a trendy costume isn't what your little girl wants. A classic costume can be just the outfit to make your Halloween special. If you need a girl costume for a timeless look, try a witch, superhero, or decade costume. Classic outfits like witches and cheerleaders look great for Halloween trick-or-treating, but if you need a historical costume we have tons of options. Try a hippie outfit, 50s poodle skirt, southern belle dress, or renaissance princess costume for a parade or decade theme party.

These timeless costumes can also make great additions to your dress up wardrobe. Playing pretend with a classic outfit is a terrific way to get extra mileage out of your Halloween costume. Girl's occupational costumes make especially good pretend play costumes. Accessorize for your girl's Halloween costume with fun props. Witch brooms, hats, wigs, and leggings can add a great level of detail to your outfit. If you are dressing up with a group of friends, choose a similar genre of girls costumes. A group of witches or fairytale characters makes a great group outfit. If your child has her heart set on a classic costume, you are sure to find something to make her day in this section of girl's costumes.