Cheerleader Costumes

Give three cheers for our super sassy cheerleader costumes for girls. Even if your little ball of pep is not on the squad, she can still suit up for Halloween or pretend playtime. These awesome cheerleading uniforms feature cute skirts and pom poms. It takes more than a uniform to become a great cheerleader. It takes a lot of practice and the right props!

Cheerleader Costumes - Barbie Cheerleader Kids Costume

Barbie Cheerleader Kids Costume

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Cheerleader Costumes - Pink/white Cheerleader Child

Pink/white Cheerleader Child

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Cheerleader Costumes - Cheerless Leader Child Costume

Cheerless Leader Child Costume

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Cheerleader Costumes - Bad Spirit Child

Bad Spirit Child

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Accessorize your cheerleading costume with pom poms, white tennis shoes, knee high socks, and makeup kits. If you want to add even more detail to your outfit, try a preppy hair style like a high ponytail or pigtails. Your child will get a kick out of some bright lipstick and glitter. Hair clips and wigs can also add an extra touch of fun to your outfit. If you want a spookier twist on a cheer uniform, add fake blood and scary makeup to create a zombie cheerleader costume. Cheer outfits are also easy to use in a group costume. Simply wear matching cheerleader uniforms with your friends and create some of your own routines! When you are done with your girl's Halloween costume, reuse it as part of your dress-up repertoire. Your child will love pretending to be a cheerleader long after Halloween is over. Your little cheerleader will feel like she is on the top of the pyramid when you get her a super cute cheer costume.