Your child will be purring with delight when you get her one of these adorable cats costumes. Girl's cat costumes feature fun printed leotards, animal print skirts, and fun accessories. Cats and jungle animals are classic costume options that can stay in your closet long after Halloween for use at theme parties and other events. If your daughter is one of the many girls who loves cats, what could be better than It takes more than a simple cat leotard to create the purr-fect outfit.

Cats - Rockin Cheeta Girl's Costume

Rockin Cheeta Girl's Costume

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Cats - Girls Tiny Tiger Child Costume

Girls Tiny Tiger Child Costume

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Cats - Girl's Tigress Hoodie Costume

Girl's Tigress Hoodie Costume

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Accessorize with items like a ball of yarn, fake claws or nails, a nose, whiskers, ear headband and a tail. You can even create your own kitten costume just with the right props and a tutu. If you want to dress up with friends for a group costume, we carry tons of different styles so each of your friends can have a unique look. A cat girl costume is a timeless outfit that you can wear again and again. Add it to your pretend play wardrobe for a great way to reuse your cat suit after Halloween. If you want to be the most graceful trick-or-treater or simply want to look your best in an animal costume, buy your child the kitty costume of her dreams!