If your little one is fascinated with insects and other creepy crawlies or she simply wants to look super cute for Halloween, our bug costumes are a great place to look! These butterfly and bumble bee costumes will have your child looking bee-utiful. Girls bug outfits typically feature strap on wings, an antennae headband, and a cute skirt, but you can improve your look with some extra props. Accessorize with buzz-worthy items like black leggings, nail art, honey bee handbags, makeup kits, and big sunglasses for a buggy look.

Add butterfly wings and a magic wand to your dress to turn your beautiful butterfly outfit into a magical fairy costume! A wave of the wand will really help your girl get in character. Honey bee costumes look better when you get a whole hive together! Have your friends dress in bug costumes to fit their own style. There are tons of different insect costumes, so everyone will be able to find a unique costume for girls. After you are done trick-or-treating, use your bug wings and antenna headband as part of your dress-up wardrobe. Flying around from flower to flower and drinking nectar is a sweet way to repurpose your bumble bee outfit or butterfly dress. Find out your little firefly's favorite bug, buy it up before it flutters away, and let her fly!