No other name is more synonymous with dolls, than the name Barbie. So if you have a daughter, chances are that you own a few Barbie dolls It is also probably safe to say that when Ruth Handler invented this beautiful figurine nearly 60 years ago, she would never have envisioned how beloved her creation would be translated into adorable girl's Barbie Halloween costumes.

Barbie - Pirate Barbie Kids Costume

Pirate Barbie Kids Costume

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Barbie - Barbie Fairy Kids Costume

Barbie Fairy Kids Costume

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Barbie - Barbie Cheerleader Kids Costume

Barbie Cheerleader Kids Costume

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Barbie - Barbie Witch Kids Costume

Barbie Witch Kids Costume

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Barbie - Barbie Kitty Toddlers Costume

Barbie Kitty Toddlers Costume

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Barbie - Barbie Cheerleader Toddler Costume

Barbie Cheerleader Toddler Costume

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Barbie - Barbie Kitty Kids Costume

Barbie Kitty Kids Costume

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Barbara Millicent Roberts, better known as the Barbie doll, has been a staple in girls' lives ever since she was introduced to the masses. This was very evident when in 1959 over 300,000 Barbie dolls were sold the first year. These days, Barbie sales are far in the billions. From presidential candidate to cheerleader, Barbie has delved into virtually every profession imaginable. For 6 decades, Barbie has been a trendsetter, most notable, her endless fashion line. So because Barbie continues to be an icon to daughters everywhere, it is only right to dress them up in one of Barbie's gorgeous costumes during parties, and trick-or-treating.

Unlike other lines, the options among Barbie's girl's costumes are immense. Of course much of Barbie's fashion wear is due to her forays with over 100 jobs. Henceforth, Barbie's extensive fashion line has transformed into a wide array of princess, dancer, and numerous other costumes to choose from. Estimates show that 9 out of 10 girls between age 3 and 10 (likely U.S.) have a least one Barbie. Whether it is a doll or other Barbie product, it is obvious how deep Barbie is entrenched into American culture, and beyond.

It is amazing that even after five decades, girls everywhere still feel special when they dress up in their extravagant Barbie costume.