Most kids love animals. If your child loves cats, dogs, or even zebras, chances are you will find the perfect animal costumes for her here. Our selection of cute animal outfits features fun critters like birds, cats, wolves, monkeys, bugs, and even monsters. An animal outfit is a classic costume that your child will be able to use year after year. If your girl wants a humorous costume, a mascot costume might do the trick!

Animals - Nativity Sheep Child Costume

Nativity Sheep Child Costume

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Animals - Ride-A-Unicorn Kids Costume

Ride-A-Unicorn Kids Costume

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Animals - Snow Leopard Kids Costume

Snow Leopard Kids Costume

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Animals - Girl's 2 PC. Feisty Fox Costume

Girl's 2 PC. Feisty Fox Costume

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Animals - Peacock Costume for Kids

Peacock Costume for Kids

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These full body suits are sure to get a laugh at your next Halloween costume party or night of trick-or-treating. Your animal print costume would not be complete without the addition of some great accessories and props. Accessorize your girl's costume with tails, whiskers, ear headbands, leggings, and makeup kits to create a bestial look. Adding these accessories to a simple leotard and tutu skirt can let you make your very own animal costume. Try changing out the ears and tail from your costume to create a new look from year to year. After you finish with your Halloween costume for the year, add your animal girl costume to your pretend playtime wardrobe. Dressing up in a cat costume, dog costume, or even a unicorn costume can open up your child's imagination.

If your daughter wants to dress up with friends, have your group dress up as different animals. There are tons of options to choose from, so each girl can find her own unique style and stand out from the group. Let your fuzzy little critter dress up as her favorite animal this Halloween and go on the prowl for sweet treats!