Angel Costumes

Find an outfit that features bright neon colors, leggings, and rad 80s fashion accessories and get ready to let loose. Once you've chosen your girl's costume, accessorize with fun 80s props for a more detailed ensemble. Add items like legwarmers, neon fishnet gloves, lage headbands, and sunglasses to make you look more like an 80s girl. If you want to go for a rock star look, add props like a guitar, microphone, or face paint makeup kits. There were plenty of styles from the eighties, so simply find a differnet look for each member of your group. Your child might not have lived in the 80s, but she can relive them with her next Halloween costume!

Angel Costumes - Rosebud Angel Child Costume

Rosebud Angel Child Costume

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Angel Costumes - Heaven Sent Childrens Costume

Heaven Sent Childrens Costume

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Angel Costumes - Snow Angel Child Costume

Snow Angel Child Costume

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Angel Costumes - Girls Fluttery Angel Costume

Girls Fluttery Angel Costume

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Angel Costumes - Child Angel

Child Angel

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Angel Costumes - Annabelle the Angel Kids Costume

Annabelle the Angel Kids Costume

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Keep a magical look to your outfit with the addition of props like a trumpet, white gloves, and a magic wand. Angels are a classic costume for girls, but you can get even more mileage out of your ensemble by switching up the props. After you use your angel outfit on Halloween, reuse your dress for pretend dress-up or use the wings to create a fairy princess costume. Simply switch out your halo for a crown to become an ice queen or Christmas fairy. Invite your friends to join in on the fun by wearing matching girls costumes. Accessorize your angel girl costumes with colorful sashes to individualize your outfits. Your daughter will look heavenly in one of our sweet angel costumes.