Hop for joy this holiday with one of our Easter accessories for your bunny costume or other themed outfit. Most Easter costume accessories are perfect for a rabbit suit and often include carrots, ears and tails. Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. The holiday has evolved to include secular traditions like the Easter Bunny, collecting eggs, and eating a fancy meal.

Accessories - Black Bunny Rabbit Ears and Tail

Black Bunny Rabbit Ears and Tail

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Accessories - Bunny Rabbit Nose

Bunny Rabbit Nose

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Dressing up as the Easter bunny or wearing a cute holiday outfit are fun options that will look great with some Easter costume accessories. Try adding a bunny ears and tail set to a white dress to create a women's or girl's ensemble. You can look even cuter with a set of face paint and fake eyelashes. Create an adorable nose and whiskers with makeup or add a rabbit nose of fake whiskers to your bunny costume.

For a biblical costume, look for accessories to complement a Roman or historic outfit. Gladiator sandals, swords, and staves can make for fun additions to your look.

Easter is a wonderful opportunity to dress up your kids for photo portraits, parties, and school events. Even if you don't want a full costume, Easter props are still a fun way to celebrate in style. Add a little hop to your outfit this holiday with bunny rabbit accessories and makeup.