Easter Costumes

Hop along the bunny trail to great deals on Easter costumes! We have a terrific selection of holiday costumes for spring. Check out our Easter Bunny mascot costumes to add some fun to your Easter parade or event. Hide Easter eggs while dressed up in an Easter bunny suit and let your kids catch a glimpse of you. They'll be thrilled to have seen the Easter Bunny in action. These rabbit costumes also make a great addition at fundraising events, parties, pageants, and plays.

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If you are looking for a sultry costume for an Easter theme dance or show, try our leotard rabbit costumes and bunny rabbit accessories like tails and whiskers. Fluffy bunny suits not quite what you are looking for? We carry tons of religious costumes for church pageants, plays, and celebrations. Try browsing our shepherd, Jesus and Mary Magdalene outfits to find the perfect fit for your religious event.

If you are looking for an adorable kid's costume, we carry little lamb and rabbit costumes that are sure to look great in portraits and family photos. Once you have decided on a holiday costume, dress up your Easter party with springtime decorations! Plastic Easter eggs and pastel streamers make for fabulous Easter decor. Try serving up traditional Easter party foods like ham and eggs with a decorative twist by using Easter grass and baskets. Some decorations can double as costume props. Try carrying around an Easter basket full of eggs with your rabbit suit to complete the look!