The Grinch

Become everyone's favorite party pooper with this exciting variety of The Grinch costumes. These outfits allow you to become this lovable wet blanket. Your friends and family love seeing you dress up as this famous grump.

This character was created by Dr. Seuss in 1957, appearing as the main anti-hero/protagonist in the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This beloved story follows this old curmudgeon and his dog Max as they try to ruin the holidays for the citizens of Whoville. Although this character eventually relents and joins in on the celebrations, he remains as grumpy as ever.

The Grinch - Grinch Adult Full Mask

Grinch Adult Full Mask

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The Grinch - Grinch Hat with Beard

Grinch Hat with Beard

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The Grinch - Santa Grinch Costume w/ Mask

Santa Grinch Costume w/ Mask

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You too can become this famous downer with these officially licensed outfit. Each of these Christmas costumes features a unique spin on this classic storybook character. This character's green likeness is recreated in all of the featured masks, gloves and feet covers. Additionally, the full sets feature the red and white Santa's robes worn by this character. The full sets are an easy way to get the look together quickly. If you wish to put your own spin on the look, try accessorizing with the individual pieces.

Spread frowns and sadness wherever your go with this comical set. You will feel just like this famous character when you don these outfits. Go ahead, be The Grinch, everyone knows he is really a softee on the inside!