Santa Claus Suits

Celebrate at your next holiday function with one of our Santa Claus suits for men. Our Santa costumes make an excellent addition to Christmas events like parades, pageants, and parties. Most Santa suits feature a red velvet coat and pants with white fur trim. Santa Claus goes by many names. To some, he is Kris Kringle while to others he is St. Nicholas. No matter what you call him, the stories stay the same. Santa is said to enter houses on Christmas night to leave presents for good boys and girls. You can get into the spirit of gift-giving with your very own Santa uniform.

Santa Claus Suits - Boys Simply Santa  Costume

Boys Simply Santa Costume

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Santa Claus Suits - Adult Regal Plush Santa Suit

Adult Regal Plush Santa Suit

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Santa Claus Suits - Adult Velvet Santa Suit

Adult Velvet Santa Suit

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Santa Claus Suits - Value Santa Suit

Value Santa Suit

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There are many opportunities to wear a Santa Claus costume. Wear one to a charity event to hand out presents, take photos, and host shows. You can also wear your Santa outfit for private parties or to surprise your kids on Christmas morning. Let your children sneak a peak of you delivering presents under the Christmas tree for a holiday memory they won't soon forget.

Santa wouldn't be himself without the accessories we have come to know and love. Equip your Christmas Santa outfit with eyeglasses, a belt, boots, white gloves, a wig and beard, and toy bag. Make some holiday magic this year with one of our deluxe Santa Claus suits.