Christmas Pageants Kids

Many religious groups or communities host an annual Christmas pageant. Holiday pageants typically feature a large group of children dressing up in Christmas costumes and acting out the traditional Christian Christmas story of the birth of Jesus. Both children and adults can participate in this religious festivity, so we carry biblical costumes for every age group. Many typical Christmas characters include angels, shepherds, Wisemen, and other robes.

Christmas pageants tell the story of Jesus' birth, but many church groups and neighborhood associations tend to add on fun twists to the nativity scene to incorporate secular aspects of the holiday. The basic plot of the Christmas story involves Mary and Joseph traveling to Bethlehem to be counted by the government. When they arrive there are no rooms available to spend the night in. Mary gives birth to Jesus in a manger where he is greeted by three Wisemen, shepherds, and angels.

Bible characters like Joseph and Mary are easy to dress for. Simply don a pair of biblical robes decorated with different accessories for most of the characters from the story. The nativity tale includes young shepherds watching their flocks, three Wisemen, farm animals, angels, and baby Jesus. Some plays might get creative and add Santa, elves, reindeer or other characters.

Fill all the roles in this year's Christmas play with pageant costumes for children and adults!