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The holidays are a perfect time to dress up, spread some cheer and get into the spirit. There's no better way to jump into Christmas than to dress up with one of our good beards and wigs for a Santa suit or biblical Christmas pageant. Many fake beards are great for completing a Santa Claus look or adding some detail to religious Christmas costume. If you're looking for a quality beard and wig at a reasonable price, these Christmas costume accessories are a great place to start.

Good Beards & Wigs - Santa Beard and Wig Set

Santa Beard and Wig Set

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Santa is one of the most recognizable figures of the holidays due to his jolly tummy and full white beard. Complete your Santa costume with a white beard and wig along with other recognizable accessories. A pair of eyeglasses, white gloves, or Santa hat will give your Christmas suit a finished look.

For a Christmas pageant, create an authentic biblical style with a full beard and wig set. Joseph and Jesus characters can look way better with a great beard.

Get the best looks at the lowest prices for your holiday fashions. Top off your Christmas costume with one of our festive wigs or beards for adults.