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The holiday season has lots of expenses, so save some hard earned ho ho dough with one of our economy beard and wig sets. An economy Christmas wig or beard can top off your Santa suit or biblical robes at a discount price. Find a white wig for Santa or a brown beard for a religious character in your nativity play. Biblical figures are often depicted with full beards and long hair.

Economy Beards & Wigs - Adult White Afro Wig

Adult White Afro Wig

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You can recreate this look at an inexpensive price with our economy wigs. Find a biblical wig for each character in your Christmas pageant to create unique looks for the characters.

There are plenty of secular Christmas characters who will also look great with a quality wig. Match your Santa suit, Mrs. Claus dress, or elf costume with a fun and festive wig. Santa and Mrs. Claus will look great in a white wig while elves can match a colorful bob cut to their outfit.

If you aren't planning on making a huge investment in this year's Christmas costume, an economy wig and beard set can be a great way to get the look you want without paying more than you want. Get a deluxe look at discount prices with one of these cheap Christmas wigs sets.