Here's to 8 crazy nights! This exciting Chanukah selection is your ticket to celebrating the holidays in style. You'll find a variety of festive and humorous party outfits in this section. You will definitely be the life of the party when you show up wearing some of these lively looks.

Chanukah - Men's Blue Flannel Santa Costume

Men's Blue Flannel Santa Costume

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Chanukah - Menorah Hat

Menorah Hat

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This joyous holiday is held sacred in the Jewish religion. This 8 day and night celebration starts on the 25th day of the Kislev period. This holiday commemorates the miraculous burning of a Menorah in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem during the Maccabean War. This event was magical, as the Maccabeans only had oil for 1 night. In order to commemorate the faithful dedication of these light keepers, families all over the world light their own candles during Hanukkah. This religious holiday is remembered with festive rituals, presents and feasts. Add some extra joy to these gatherings with these cheerful looks.

This event is celebrated with spirited gatherings of friends and family. Kids compete for gold chocolate coins by spinning a decorative dreidel top. It is also customary to eat fried foods like latkes and strawberry jelly doughnuts. Additionally, presents are also exchanged in reference to a charity custom known as Gelt.

Now you can bring some extra fun and excitement to the occasion with this assortment of outfits. Menorahs, Dreidels, Hebrew lettering and the Star of David are featured on many of these items. These costume and accessory sets are an excellent way to get into the holiday spirit!