Add a touch of magic to your holiday with a beautiful Christmas angel costume. Angels have a place during Christmas both in a religious and secular context. A typical angel costume usually features a white dress, feathered wings, and a halo headband. In the Christmas Bible story, an angel appears to announce the birth of Jesus. Flowing white robes or a gown with wings will make a great outfit for your church play or religious event. For a different look, try adding wings and a halo to shepherd robes for a more historic look.

Angels - Women's Elite Deluxe Sexy Signature Fallen Angel Costume

Women's Elite Deluxe Sexy Signature Fallen Angel Costume

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Angels - Archangel Gabriel Kids Costume

Archangel Gabriel Kids Costume

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Angels - Womens Plus Size Heavenly Angel Costume

Womens Plus Size Heavenly Angel Costume

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Snow angels are a winter favorite. On Christmas, people put angels on top of their trees or use them as decoration. Add a touch of grace to your Christmas preparations with a snow angel dress. A winter angel might wear a white gown with blue accent colors, a halo, and a magic wand. Christmas angel outfits are a wonderful holiday costume to wear for portrait photos, parties, and community events. Girls angel costumes are especially precious and will look great for fancy dress up events.

Angels are the bearers of good news on Christmas. They look great for plays, parades, and at parties. Get a look that is classy and fun this holiday season with one of our women's Christmas angel costumes.