Christmas is one of the most largely celebrated holidays of the year. Make sure your Christmas costumes are up to snuff with the right props and accessories. Many outfits can benefit from Christmas accessories like wigs, hats, shoes, makeup, and clothing pieces. Wigs are a great way to make any Santa suit look more authentic. Add a white wig and beard set to your Kris Kringle outfit. A Mrs. Claus dress will also look fabulous with a curled wig. A colorful elf wig is also a fun option for holiday ensembles.

Accessories - Santa Bell Strap

Santa Bell Strap

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Accessories - Mini Snow Machine- Liquid

Mini Snow Machine- Liquid

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Accessories - Santa Sack

Santa Sack

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Accessories - Majestic Toy Bag

Majestic Toy Bag

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Accessories - Adult Christmas Striped Tights

Adult Christmas Striped Tights

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Accessories - Deluxe Green Elf Shoes Adult

Deluxe Green Elf Shoes Adult

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Women's Christmas costumes call for some awesome accessories. Whether you are on Santa's naughty or nice list, the cute ladies' props in this section are sure to please! For a sexy women's outfit, add accessories like a Christmas boa, red and white high heels, Christmas tree tutus, and festive fake eyelashes. Face paint and other makeup can also add a festive touch to your look. Try adding rosy blush and bright red lipstick to a Santa themed ensemble to bring out the colors of the holiday.

Christmas accessories aren't limited to clothing add-ons. Sometimes toys and props can make your holiday costume even better. Play around with items like reindeer antler headbands, Santa glasses, aprons, and a sack of presents to create your own unique style.

Dress up naughty or dress up nice with the addition of our very merry Christmas accessories.