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Almost every boy growing up loves video games. From the old classics such as Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedge Hog to the new variations of video games, such as Halo and Resident Evil, there is no limit to what video games are able to do with a child's imagination. That is why helping your son dress up like their favorite video game character is not only going to help them feel like they are in the game itself, but also feel like the character they are dressed like. At such a young age, it is important to nurture the imagination of a child, which is why it is such an awesome gift for your son, as he can finally live out his fantasies by dressing in a boy's video game character costume.

Video Games - Minecraft Steve Head Mask

Minecraft Steve Head Mask

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Video Games - Boy's Deluxe Sonic Costume

Boy's Deluxe Sonic Costume

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Video Games - Child Deluxe Super Mario Bros Mario Costume

Child Deluxe Super Mario Bros Mario Costume

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Video Games - Minecraft Creeper Head Mask

Minecraft Creeper Head Mask

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There are so many different video games out there that not all boys are going to have the same love and interest. Some are going to like the more childish, animated games, while others are going to lean towards the realistic offerings. This might have something to do with their age, what you allow them to play or just what their personal interests are. Regardless of what they like or what you let them play though, your child is going to feel more powerful and confident than ever by simply slipping into the costume of their favorite character.

So whether this is for Halloween, a custom party or just for fun, one of the best gifts you can give your child is the gift of imagination, confidence and fun. All of these gifts are possible by simply allowing them to dress up and pretend in a boy's video game costume. And no matter how old your child is, there is a perfect costume.