There is a fun age between being a little boy and growing up into a teen that strikes around the ages 10 to 12. Your child's interests are growing and changing just as he does, and we have the hottest tween costumes for boys that are sure to be a perfect fit. Look for classic boys' costume genres like western cowboys, superheroes, horror, and humor. Some fun scary outfits include ghosts, ghouls, zombies of all types, and skeletons. If your child wants to experience some adventure and excitement, consider an action hero or western style costume. Cowboys are a fun pick for all ages and sizes. A simple duster coat, hat, and fun western props will make your almost-teen the happiest cowpoke around.

Tween - Metal Skull Biker Teen Costume

Metal Skull Biker Teen Costume

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Tween - Teen Skeleton Suit Costume Teen

Teen Skeleton Suit Costume Teen

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Tween - Desperado Teen Costume

Desperado Teen Costume

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You might also like to find a costume from your preteen's favorite movie or TV show. Preteens might enjoy shows about superheroes, pirates, or space adventures. Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean are some popular favorites among this age group. Accessorize your teen's look with fun props like gloves, wigs, boots, toy weapons, belts, and make up kits. Face paint can add great details to your look in the form of fake scars, bruises, and other scary additions. Your preteen boy knows what he wants. Find him the perfect teen costume for this year's Halloween fun!