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Every young boy has a favorite TV show or movie. If your boy could spend hours watching and re-watching his favorite shows, our selection of TV and movie costumes are the perfect choice for this year's Halloween. There are tons of different genres of television shows to choose from. Younger kids enjoy different shows than your older children will enjoy. TV and movies include genres for superheroes, horror, humor, and cartoons. Each show has its own unique quirks, so watch a few episodes with your child to get a good handle on what he wants in a TV costume.

TV and Movie - Muscle Chest Batman Kids Costume

Muscle Chest Batman Kids Costume

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TV and Movie - Boy's Classic Star Lord Guardians Of The Galaxy Costume

Boy's Classic Star Lord Guardians Of The Galaxy Costume

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TV and Movie - Max Steel Kids Costume

Max Steel Kids Costume

MSRP: $27.99 Reduced Price: $16.99
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TV and Movie - Harry Potter Robe Child

Harry Potter Robe Child

Our Price: $21.99
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Accessorize your movie character outfit with show-specific props like masks, gloves, boots, toy weapons, gadgets, hats, and muscle shirts. Face paint and wigs can also get your character costume to look more accurate. Browse shows ranging from action packed movies like The Prince of Persia, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe to hilarious TV series like Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, and Disney movies. Most shows have more than one character that kids love. Organize a group costume with your child's friends and let each kid dress as their favorite TV character.

Halloween is not the only use you can find for a boy's movie costume. After your Halloween or birthday party, add your child's outfit to his pretend playtime closet for hours of fun recreating his favorite movie scenes. Make the blockbuster move this year and buy your son the movie character costume he has always dreamed of!