Skin Suits

Root root root for the home team in a silly boys' skin suit costume. These full body suits for boys are simple in design yet they help you cheer on your favorite team in a big way! Most skin suits are designed with specific sports teams in mind, but others can be completely out of the box. Many superheroes wear tight suits, so it makes sense to wear a superhero themed skin suit. A Batman or ninja costume are perfect action characters to represent with a body suit. Adding a cape or utility belt can let you make your very own superhero. If you are feeling particularly craftsy, you can sew a DIY super hero logo onto your child's body suit.

Skin Suits - Ninja 2nd Skin Costume for Kids

Ninja 2nd Skin Costume for Kids

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Skin Suits - Child Float Ghost Costume

Child Float Ghost Costume

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Skin Suits - Boys Blue I'm Invisible Skin Suit

Boys Blue I'm Invisible Skin Suit

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A basic color skin suit can be used for just about anything. Wear your favorite sports team's colors when you attend a sporting event or are watching the big game at a party. A solid color suit can also be a great addition to another outfit. Add props, accessories and other clothing items over your suit for a bizarre twist to some Halloween classics. Add pom poms, capes, or wigs to create an added flair to your ensemble.

Show your support for your sports team or add some color to your boy's Halloween costume in one of these fun skin suits!