Medieval Renaissance

Come all ye kings, princes, and knights! Our Renaissance costumes for boys are tons of fun for a Halloween night out trick-or-treating, theme party, or school play. Take your child back to a time of fantasy tales, dragons, and the dawn of the Western World with a royal king robe or daring knight's armor. Portraying a Knight of the Round Table is a fun way for a kid to show off his noble nature.

Medieval Renaissance - Valiant King Kids Costume

Valiant King Kids Costume

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Medieval Renaissance - Knight In Armor Kids Costume

Knight In Armor Kids Costume

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Medieval Renaissance - Red Robe and Crown for Children

Red Robe and Crown for Children

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Our knight armor looks even better when paired with swords, capes, shields, and a royal tunic. For a prince costume, accessorize with a crown and a cape. If you are taking your child to a Renaissance festival or play, a Shakespearean inspired outfit can make a great option. Find the perfect tunic, lace front shirt and tattered brown slacks to become a medieval peasant. Since there are tons of different Renaissance styles, it is simple to create an entire wardrobe for a middle school production of Romeo and Juliet.

Knights and kings also make a great theme for a boy 's birthday party. Imagine how much fun it would be to incorporate these costumes and accessories into the party. All the kids can have a chance to pretend what it was like to live in medieval or Renaissance times.

So make a royal decree to buy your child the best medieval costume for boys you can find from our Renaissance section!