Celebrate one of the most festive holidays in the Jewish calendar with our fun boys Purim costumes. Our holiday styles are a great addition to your Purim play or services. Dress as the evil Haman or the King from the tale of the Jewish people's deliverance with a king robe. If you do not need something that is religious in nature, we also offer hundres of boys' Halloween costumes that can be worn for Purim.

Purim - Hatzolah Rescuer Kids Costume

Hatzolah Rescuer Kids Costume

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Purim - Israeli Soldier Kids Costume

Israeli Soldier Kids Costume

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Purim - Jolly Purim Kids Costume

Jolly Purim Kids Costume

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Purim - Red Robe and Crown for Children

Red Robe and Crown for Children

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Accessorize your king costume and other play characters with fun props. words, shields, gloves, and wigs can add an extra level of detail you'll love. Think about other characters in the Purim story that your kids can dress up as. Other kids from your synagogue can dress as a horse, princess, queen, or robed figure to look like that characters from the story. Try browsing our robes and capes and biblical wigs and beards to create unique characters for your Purim celebration. Have some fun by finding boys' accessories that fit this playful nature and happy occasion. Masks and noisemakers are great additions to your ensemble.

Buy a boy's Purim costume for your child or donate the outfit to you place of worship to use year after year!