Power Rangers

The Power Rangers Samurai team use martial arts to take down the bad guys. Your child can embody his favorite TV character and fight the forces of evil with our selection of Boy's Power Rangers costumes. These fun action suits feature uniforms from the Power Rangers Samurai squad.

Power Rangers - Red Ranger Megaforce Blaster Weapon

Red Ranger Megaforce Blaster Weapon

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There is a TV show outfit for everyone! Let your child pick his favorite outfit to wear trick-or-treating. Our Power Ranger costumes feature the red ranger, gold ranger, and blue ranger. Some great accessories for your little hero include toy swords, gloves, and nunchucks. If your child plans on bringing props to school, be sure to check school policy on toy weapons and masks. The Power Rangers could not do everything they do without help from their team.

Get your child's friends in on the fun by having all of them dress up as their favorite color ranger. Even after you use your character costume for Halloween, you can keep fighting bad guys long after you are done trick-or-treating. Reuse your child's Power Ranger uniform by adding it to your dress-up wardrobe for make-believe adventures. Your child can relive all his favorite TV episodes in a superhero suit that looks just like the one on TV.

Fight the likes of Lord Zed, Master Xandred and Nighloks with a quality boy's Power Rangers Samurai costume. Save the day Ninja style!