Little boys love exotic jobs like professional athletes, jet fighters, and astronauts. Let your child chase his dreams with a boys occupational costume from his favorite career. Everyone has a dream job as a child. Tons of boys love workers who get to use awesome tools, trucks, and uniforms. If your son isn't into the usual jobs like cops and construction workers, worry not! Occupational outfits aren't just limited to run-of-the-mill jobs like police officers, chefs, and doctors. If your child has lofty ambitions of becoming a space hero, wrestler, or another adventurous job, we also carry more imaginative options.

Occupational - Child's Physician Costume

Child's Physician Costume

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Occupational - Deluxe Navy Admiral Child Costume

Deluxe Navy Admiral Child Costume

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Occupational - Doctor/Mad Scientist Kids Costume

Doctor/Mad Scientist Kids Costume

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Occupational - Construction Worker Kids Costume

Construction Worker Kids Costume

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Occupational - Commando Child Costume

Commando Child Costume

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Occupational - Chef Costume Child

Chef Costume Child

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Occupational - Rabbi Child Costume

Rabbi Child Costume

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The right tools can make your job much easier. Accessorize your job costume with tool belts, boots, hats, and toy weapons depending on the genre of your outfit. Occupational costumes are a timeless look that can be used for Halloween and playtime. Many of these outfits are also appropriate to wear to a school event. Be sure to check your school's policies before bringing in a military costume or toy guns.

Try asking your child what he wants to be when he grows up and help him act out his dream through a fun and festive occupational costume.