Everybody was kung fu fighting! Find your child the perfect ninja costume for Halloween with our selection of boys' outfits. Ninjas are supreme masters of the martial arts and are incredibly cool to boot! If your child is crazy about his karate classes, TV shows featuring martial arts, or ninja video games, these ninja suits are sure to be a hit. Our ninja warrior uniforms feature martial arts robes, masks, and cool armor your child will adore.

Ninjas - Boys Stealth Ninja Costume Kit

Boys Stealth Ninja Costume Kit

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Ninjas - Boys Stealth Ninja Costume

Boys Stealth Ninja Costume

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Ninjas - Boys Zombie Ninja Costume

Boys Zombie Ninja Costume

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Accessorize your child's ninja costume with toy weapons like nunchucks, toy swords, and ninja stars. This dress-up theme is a great idea for a karate party or Halloween event.

Ninjas are very solitary warriors, but that doesn't mean you can't dress up with friends for a killer group costume. Have your child and his friends dress up as ninjas in different color outfits. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers are great examples of ninja groups that allows everyone to have a unique look while maintaining a group theme.

After Halloween or your theme birthday party, your son can still use his martial arts costume to play pretend. A ninja warrior costume is a great addition to any boys' costume closet. Let your little warrior show off his moves in style with one of these awesome ninja costumes for kids.