New Arrivals

Don't settle for old styles this Halloween. Our selection of boys' costumes is new for 2016 and full of great new designs. The styles might be new, but we still have your favorite classic genres and characters. Some favorite styles we carry include video game characters, horror themes, sports uniforms, and superheroes. You can find hot new trends as well as timeless designs. Try some humorous outfits like our food mascot suits and skin suits to give your friends a few laughs. Action hero outfits like superhero suits and Star Wars characters are a great option for the kid who wants to feel like an adventurer.

These new styles require unique props and accessories. Accessorize your trendy new costume with clothing pieces and toys that fit the theme. Superheroes and movie characters can use toy swords, guns, gloves, and boots. Classic styles look great with the addition of cartoon gloves, masks, and wigs. Be on the lookout for props specific to your TV show or occupational uniform. A simple Internet search can help you find items that might match your child's ensemble.

Don't settle for the same old stuff everyone else is wearing this Halloween. Our selection of boys' costumes for 2016 includes all new styles and designs that will set your child apart!