Salute our men and women in uniform with a great military costume for boys. Your child will love a military uniform from the army or navy. Our selection of military children's costumes include fantasy characters as well. Dress up as part of G.I. Joe's team or a member of Cobra Command. You can also find a fun selection of historic costumes like Union and Confederate soldiers and colonial settler costumes.

If you are looking for something more exotic, browse for ninja or samurai outfits. Soldier costumes are great, but it is the props that truly add the best detail to your son's outfit. Accessorize with fun military accessories like swords, hats, helmets, gloves, boots, and ammo belts. Create a whole platoon of soldiers when you organize a group ensemble with your child's friends. We carry tons of different styles of boys' military costumes from different branches, so each child can have a unique outfit. You can even make dog tags for each child so they can feel like a unique member of the group.

After you use your boy's Halloween outfit for the holiday, reuse it as part of your son's pretend play wardrobe for fun he can have again and again. Let your child be all that he can be in his favorite camouflage costume.