Marvel Comics

The comic book world is made up of two main superhero storytellers: DC and Marvel. Both publishers have tons of great stories and characters that kids love, but Marvel has unique characters that your child is sure to want for Halloween. Find your child a boys Marvel costume to help him fight the forces of evil and save the day on Halloween! Marvel comic book characters have become popular in recent movie releases like The Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. X-Men is also a Marvel title that boasts rugged characters like Wolverine and Gambit.

Marvel Comics - Deluxe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Muscle Chest Costume for Boys

Deluxe Amazing Spider-Man 2 Muscle Chest Costume for Boys

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Marvel comics have hundreds of character outfits to choose from, so let your child pick his favorite hero to dress up as this year. Once your child has chosen his superhero, accessorize with the perfect props. Many superheroes need gloves, boots and utility belts to complete their ensemble. Weapons like Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer, and Wolverine's claws are essential in creating the right look. Add accessories that your kid will have fun playing with in addition to looking good with the outfit. Toy weapons are fun items your child can use to play with his friends. Let your son express his sense of adventure with a Marvel superhero costume that is out of this world!