Halloween costumes for boys can be scary, classic, or good for a laugh. Have your friends howling with laughter this Halloween with one of our boys humorous costumes. Funny costumes can come from popular TV shows or movies as well as classic theme ideas. Some humor characters include the Annoying Orange, the Cat in the Hat, and Snoopy. Cartoon characters are also funny outfit options. If you would prefer a timeless look to a character, we carry tons of fun mascot costumes.

Humorous - Hot Dog Child Costume

Hot Dog Child Costume

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Humorous - Pinocchio Child Costume

Pinocchio Child Costume

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Humorous - Rabbi Child Costume

Rabbi Child Costume

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Food body suits can be a hilarious costume option for boys of all ages. Dress as a goofy hot dog, ketchup, pizza, or a taco. A banana suit is a favorite funny food outfit. Other mascot suits include silly items like a toilet, crayons, and animals. Pair these body suits with large white cartoon gloves to complete your look. Clowns are also a classic funny costume your child can wear to get a few laughs. Pair a clown suit with an afro wig, floppy shoes, and face paint. You can also accessorize with fun props like seltzer bottles, silk flowers, and a clown nose.

These boys' outfits are great for a funny Halloween or other dress-up event. These humorous styles are appropriate to wear to school for a parade or special event. Help your little class clown express his big personality with a funny costume he will love!