There are tons of classic Halloween costumes to choose from. If you want to go for spooky instead of silly, our selection of boys shorror costumes are perfect for you. Some scary options for boys include monsters, vampires, mummies, zombies, and other timeless creepy crawly creatures of the night. Many young boys get a kick out of scaring their friends and people they go trick-or-treating with.

Horror - Childs Jumbo Punk Zombie Costume

Childs Jumbo Punk Zombie Costume

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Not quite sure which ghost or ghoul to pick? Try drawing inspiration from scary movies like Dracula, Dawn of the Dead, and Friday the 13th. Movie characters are easy to recognize and give you an idea to work with. Scary clothes aren't the only thing you can use to make the perfect ensemble. Accessorize for a horror outfit with props like toy weapons, fake blood, and scary masks. The right details can really turn a mediocre outfit into a super spooky one! Many of our options are complete on their own , but look even better with a few choice additions.

If monsters aren't your style, try scary costumes with a cool and modern twist. We carry ghastly hoodies and punk rock fashions that fit your son's cool guy style while still maintaining a good scare factor. Find your boy the perfect scary outfit to strike fear into the hearts of everyone around with one of our ghoulish boys' horror costumes!