Hear ye, hear ye! Friends, Romans, and shoppers, get your child the Halloween outfit he really wants with one of these great boy's Greek and Roman costumes. These historic inspired gladiators and togas are perfect for a Halloween party at school or for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Greek todas and Spartan tunics are full of a rich history and fascinating mythology. Some of our most popular boys' costumes include gladiator uniforms and Greek god outfits. Roman soldier uniforms feature faux leather armor, gladiator sandals and capes.

Greek/Roman - Boys Roman Gladiator Costume

Boys Roman Gladiator Costume

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Greek/Roman - Roman Kids Costume

Roman Kids Costume

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Greek/Roman - Hercules Gladiator Child Costume

Hercules Gladiator Child Costume

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Accessorize for a boys' Roman costume with toy weapons and other fun props. Swords, shields, headbands, and capes make great details that will help your child's Greek ensemble stand out from the pack. Face paint and other accessories like fake blood and helmets can give it a rugged look. After Halloween, you can still use your Greek and Roman outfits for theme events and pretend play time. Get your friends in on the fun and create your own legion of Roman warrior costumes.

Salute one of the greatest cultures in history with our Roman and Greek costumes for boys.