The 1920s were a different era, full of bootlegging, flappers, and American gangsters. Your son will look extra dapper in one of these gangster costumes. A 20s costume is a perfect outfit for a theme party or Halloween event. Old time gangsters were hardened criminals who made a business of being bad. You might not want your little bad boy to learn any bad habits, but the allure of 20s gangsters is their suave personality.

Gangsters - Gangster Child Costume

Gangster Child Costume

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Gangsters - Gangster Child

Gangster Child

MSRP: $32.99 Reduced Price: $22.99
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Capture a little bit of their charm in a pinstripe suit and fedora. Other accessories can really make your outfit stand out. Accessorize with props like a violin case, Tommy gun, fake cigar, or carnation for an extra level of detail. Mobsters don't operate alone. Get your friends involved with a group costume with fun outfits like a Jumbo Scarface Costume or Zoot Suit. After your Halloween or theme party, get some extra mileage out of your criminal costume by adding it to your son's dress-up closet. Dressing up to play pretend is tons of fun and your child will get a kick out of playing cops and robbers or acting out a twenties speakeasy scene. It would be a crime to not give your child the best boy's gangster costume available, so grab your favorite before they get put behind bars!