Take your child away to a dusty and magical landscape with our selection of Egyptian and Arabian costumes. Egyptian outfits for boys are charged for action and adventure! We carry both historic and movie character ensembles to cover any costume event you might be attending. Characters from Egypt and Arabia are exotic and often battle-ready. Some movies like Prince of Persia and Aladdin have characters that boys can look up to.

Egyptian/Arabian - Pharaoh Child Costume

Pharaoh Child Costume

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Accessorize these heroes of the desert with warrior props like swords, spears, wigs, sandals, and headpieces. Pharaohs and kings are favorites for this genre. Egyptian kings wore elaborate headdresses and robes that you can add to your look. Historic outfits are a great option for a parade, play, or school event. Egyptian characters like pharaohs are also great for biblical or religious events. After you are done with Halloween, add an exotic outfit to your pretend dress-up wardrobe. Kids love dressing up for desert adventures navigating the sand dunes and pyramids of ancient Egypt. Arabian styles might feature the likes of Aladdin or Lawrence of Arabia that let your son express his love of excitement and adventure. Supply your child with all he needs to form a desert caravan with our selection of Egyptian and Arabian clothes and props.