Vampires, pumpkins, monsters, and historic figures are classic costumes for boys that you can wear at any event. Halloween is a great time to dress up as something you really love. Chances are that your child is crazy for some specific career or character and simply has to have it for Halloween. Perhaps a horror outfit is what your boy wants for a spooky evening. We have monsters and movie villains that are sure to add a scare to your child's night. Our selection of scary characters include Frankenstein, zombies, mummies, and ghosts. If your child would rather get a few laughs than screams, we also carry some great humor costumes. These classics include videogame characters, cartoons, and animals.

Classic - Rabbi Child Costume

Rabbi Child Costume

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Classic - Frankenstein Child

Frankenstein Child

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Classic - U.S Army Ranger Deluxe Kids Costume

U.S Army Ranger Deluxe Kids Costume

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This selection is full of timeless ensembles that your child can use again and again for more than just a party. Dress up in a classic style for pretend play or have your kid put on his own skits. The other great perk to buying a classic ensemble is that everyone will recognize the outfit! A cop, firefighter, pirate, or monster can be used at any event and still get recognized by everyone there. Find your son a costume he will love to wear at Halloween and can be added to your dress-up closet for hours of fun after the holidays are over.