Cartoon Characters

There are tons of great cartoons on TV. If your son has a favorite TV show character, let him dress up as his hero in one of our cartoon character costumes. Our selection of TV show characters features superheroes like Batman and Superman, funny costumes from cartoons like Sponge Bob and Scooby Doo, and classic outfits like Clifford and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Cartoon Characters - Pokemon Charizard Kids Costume

Pokemon Charizard Kids Costume

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Cartoon Characters - Pokemon Deluxe Ash Kids Costume

Pokemon Deluxe Ash Kids Costume

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Cartoon Characters - Max Steel Kids Costume

Max Steel Kids Costume

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Cartoon Characters - Boy's Deluxe Sonic Costume

Boy's Deluxe Sonic Costume

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These cartoon costumes are not just great for Halloween. If you plan on throwing a theme birthday party or other special event, these TV and movie costumes can make your child's experience even better.

Accessorize for your boy's cartoon costume with props from his chosen TV show. Superhero ensembles can be accessorized with gloves, boots, belts, capes, and gadgets. Humorous styles can be paired with cartoon hands, wigs, and masks. No matter what genre you choose, the right props can make a world of difference. Most cartoons have a large cast of characters so that your child can create group costume with friends. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, classic toons, Thomas the Tank Engine, Pokémon, and superhero cartoons are all great group ideas. After Halloween is over, get some extra use out of your cartoon characters by adding your outfit to a wardrobe of pretend play clothes. Let your child live out his wildest dreams in one of our fun cartoon costumes!