80's Costumes

The 1980s were an era of neon lights, pop music stars, and hip hop beats. While the ladies' 80s outfits might feature side ponytails and neon bangles, our selection of boys' Halloween costumes feature hard rock stars and scary styles that put a twist on a classic decade. The eighties costumes in our store feature looks from The King of Pop (Michael Jackson), 80s hair metal outfits, and hip hop artist costumes.

Boys 80s Rock Star Costume

Boys 80s Rock Star Costume

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For a rock star look for boys, accessorize with props like microphones, big hair wigs, sunglasses, sequin gloves, guitars, and bandanas. 1980s rockers outfits might feature animal print pants, spiked jewelry and combat boots.

You can create a horror costume out of generic 80s clothes by adding a scary mask, wigs, or face paint. A decade theme zombie add interest to an otherwise generic look. There are tons of 80s fashions to choose from, so it is no problem to get together a group of friends for a decade theme party or Halloween adventure. Have your child's friends dress up as members of an 80s band or go trick-or-treating as different rocker idols. Use your 80s costume again after Halloween is over as part of your child's dress-up wardrobe for hours of imaginative play. Get your kid an eighties costume that he can really groove to!