60's Costumes

The 1960s were a great era for hippies, flower children, and groovy music. Find a boys' 60s costume for your next Halloween event or theme party and get ready to party it up on the dance floor. The sixties were a great time for music. 60s music icons like The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix revolutionized rock and roll. If your child is looking for a sweet rock star costume, try drawing inspiration from these rock and roll legends.

Hippie Child

Hippie Child

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For a more timeless look, try a hippie or flower child outfit. You can accessorize your style with fun props like peace sign jewelry, afro wigs, sunglasses, and platform shoes. Sixties costumes don't just have to be for Halloween. Get some extra mileage out of your hippie outfit when you add a decade theme outfit to your pretend dress-up wardrobe. You can also reuse a sixties costume for theme parties and school events.

Get a group of your child's friends together to dress in a matching theme. Some fun child's costumes from the 60s include hippie chick outfits, dancer costumes, and rock star outfits. You can create a whole group of flower child costumes in different styles so that each child gets to have a unique ensemble. Find your son a Halloween costume that will make him the grooviest kid on the block!