A wig helps change the appearance of the wearer to be anything he or she wants.Wigs are available for use by both men and women. They can be used as a fashion accessory to improve the overall appearance or as a response to a bad hair day. Wigs may be made from real human hair or synthetic materials. Wigs are also beneficial in improving the self-image of someone in costume. Perhaps you don't have the right color or length or natural hair...maybe you don't even have hair. In this case, the wig becomes vital in turning your costume from a piece of clothing into a complete persona.

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Wigs are often used in theater productions to enable an actor to fit into a particular period in history that the show was Intended to imitate. Theatrical wigs tend to be more durable as a result of the heavy use they get. This durable design tends to make them heavier and hotter for the wearer. This also extends wardrobe use and helps with the costs of producing the event. Wigs are used as part of party costumes and during dress-ups, these may be worn by party-goers or members of a team putting on a skit.

A wig has the ability provide a complete look for your Halloween costume. The wig tends to enhance the appearance of the wearer, thus making wigs a welcome fashion accessory.

With easy-care options, wigs make the perfect addition to an individuals fashion accessories.