Costume Accessories

No costume is truly complete until it has been fully accessorized. Sometimes one key accessory can make or break a costume. For example, a mermaid is just a mermaid until you add the long, wavy red wig. These items can be elaborate such as professional quality makeup kits or as simple as a mask. Whatever you choose, the main purpose of the accessory should to enhance the costume. Wigs, shoes, jewelry, weapons, wands and tiaras are just a few examples of items that will help to complete your look. Sometimes, all you need it one item while other times it might take several accessories to create the perfect ensemble. This is especially true when you are creating a Halloween costume or party outfit from scratch.

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Our accessories section is broken up into three separate categories: accessories & makeup, hats, wigs and masks. The first section encompasses everything from footwear and hosiery to jewelry and prop items. In the hats section, you'll find funny, novelty headwear as well as toppers for many kinds of costumes. Our wigs department has everything from stylish wigs to hilarious clown wigs. Finally, the mask section has styles ranging from masquerade party masks to characters and celebrity masks. When you combine all of the sections together, there are approximately 5000 accessories to choose from.

Whether you need accessories for a Halloween costume or a theme party costume, or you are simply looking for the perfect item to wear for a special party, you can find it here along with thousands of costumes and party supplies too.