Children have amazing imaginations and love pretend play. A fun activity for any child's birthday party is make believe. We have lots of party supplies to help make pretend play even more fun for the kids including props, accessories, and costumes. We have everything from butterfly wings to superhero capes to makeup--everything the kids need to really spark their imaginations.

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Dress-up is one fun way children can pretend play. With the costumes and accessories we sell the children can be anything from a superhero to a wrestler to a princess or fairy. Pirates are another popular character to dress up as, and so are cowboys and cowgirls. It doesn't take much to transform a child into a fantasy character. A hat or cape or face paint is enough.

Props are great, as well, to help children become the character of their imagination. An inflatable sword can turn a child into a pirate or knight. A wand turns a child into a fairy, a tiara turns her into a princess. The big inflatable guitar and a pair of star sunglasses will help a child pretend he or she is a rock star. A bug net and a compass turns the child into an adventurer.

Kids love wings. There are many different styles of strap-on wings that can help a child imagine he or she is a fairy or an insect. They can be ladybugs, butterflies, or bees.

Organized games and crafts are important during any birthday party, but make sure you set aside some time for pretend play. Give the children props and costumes and let their imaginations run wild.