Invitations and Thank Yous

Get your birthday guests excited for your event by bookending your party with our Clearance Invitations and Thank Yous. A great invitation can really set the tone for your party, and a thank you card can do the same for closing out your event. Many theme invites feature fun TV and movie characters or a favorite sport. Some stationery is perfect for generic themes and birthdays. A polka dot or cupcake design on your invitations and party thank you notes makes them a perfect candidate to stockpile for future events. Pick out some of your favorite invite and thank you designs now to save for your next party, and save some serious moolah!


Proper invitation and thank you note etiquette can be difficult to tackle. Birthday party invitations should typically be sent out about 2 weeks before your event. Keep in mind age when making your invite list. Up to age 3, you probably want to limit your guest list to family and friends rather than your child's preschool playmates. When planning out your event, make sure you keep track of any gifts you may receive during the festivities so you can thank them with a note. If you do not want guests to feel obligated to bring a present, simply indicate that no gifts are required on your invitations. Try to send out your birthday thank you cards within a week of your party so the event is fresh in your guests' minds.

Save some cash when you send out your next batch of party invitations and thank you notes from our selection of clearance stationery.